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  • What are your Covid-19 Protocols?
    Founder and performer THATGIRLTOBI has completed her covid compliance training and is a certified Covid Compliance officer. In addition, each member of our team is fully vaccinated and completely comfortable wearing a face mask before, during and after a performance.
  • How long is a Bee True To You Show?
    All of our live shows run 50 minutes in length. This does NOT include the time it takes for your students to be called down to your performance area.
  • What core cirriculum does a Bee True to You fufill?
    Anti-Bullying. Social Emotiona Learning. Character Education. Respect Week. Mental Health Awareness. Black History Month. Pride.
  • Do you provide Virtual and Digital Streaming Programming?
    Yes! We have a Virtual Interactive Show perfect for K-8 graders, a Digital Movie for K-8 and a Pre-recorded Show for 8th-12th graders.
  • Do you have a downloadable Promo Kit showcasing your Virtual Programming I can show to my school's staff?
    Yes! Please see the attached picture of our PDF, "BTTY'S Virtual TREEHOUSE"
  • What do you bring to schools to perform live?
    We always bring with us a Sound Engineer that operates our PA System which includes 2 Wireless Headset Mics and 1 wireless handheld. In addition, we bring Lights, Props, a Projection Screen and Projector.
  • Does your Bee True To You program travel and tour the states?
    Yes we do! Our show is designed to travel wherever we are needed! We are always looking to book tours (more than one school in a particular state/city) to better spread our important message of Being True. Please send a message our way should your location be outside of the Tri-State area and you and your school are intersested in booking us!
  • How many kids can attend a performance?
    We typically prefer when an audience is split in half. For example: K-3 and 4-5. It is best precieved by others when surrounded by similarly aged students.
  • How many shows can we book in a day?
    You can book up to 4 shows in a day! Though we prefer 3 as our max, we can perform two shows in the morning, and two in the afternoon. Should you book more than one performance in a day, we require a minimum of 20 minutes between shows for our cast to rest and catch their breath.
  • How much does an assembly [musical performance] cost?
    Please see our Contact Page, located at the bottom of the Home Page, for information for your State's Representative. A Teambtty representative will then be in touch shortly and able to answer and assist yoou with any and all fee and logistical inquries.
  • Do you teach follow-up workshops or provide Residency Programs for schools?
    Yes we do! Workshops and residency programs are a fun way to make a much larger impact on your student body. We cater our post programs to fit the needs of each particular school!
  • Do you provide additional printable and/or downloadable matierals for teachers?
    Yes! On our HOME page, you will see a section labeled, Resource Library. Once you click on that button it will bring you to a PDF version of our HIVE GUIDE. A one-stop shop to lesson plans, games, art projects, tips and more! Should you be unable to find our Resource Library on our website, we also follow up after every performance with a THANK YOU email which includes our Hive Guide.
  • How do we prepare for our upcoming BTTY performance?
    Please see the following picture, attached... A one-page PDF guide to help you best prepare for your upcoming Bee True To You performance.
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