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Ashley Tobias here! or Should I say... THATGIRLTOBI! 


Growing up I felt like an outcast. Adopted at birth, I always felt unsure of where I belonged or where exactly I fit in because I looked “​different”. My hair was extremely curly, frizzy and my skin color was a darker shade than my adoptive parents. When I learned and discovered I had the ability to sing, I began to turn to music to soothe and comfort me, as music always made everything 1,000 times better.


I sang my heart out growing up, and upon graduating college from Montclair State University in 2010, I began touring and working professionally in off-Broadway Children’s musicals, musicals that all had the same underlying message of acceptance, confidence and learning to believe in yourself. 


These experiences are what led me to create Bee True To You, an original Power Anthem musical for the young and young at heart. A Pop/Rock celebration aimed to inspire and educate our youth on how to be stronger versions of themselves, and be a strong member of their community.

As someone who once thought of themselves as ​just ​a singer, during this creative process of forming and developing this multi-media brand, I have transformed into a Director, a book writer, a lyricist, a producer, a marketing wizard, a prop/ wardrobe/ and set designer, choreographer, and most importantly an advocate of mental health... An advocate/musician focused on creating positive change, and I'd like to think I have captured the importance of staying true to yourself, and learning to celebrate your individual differences, strengths AND weakness, through this album. 


If I could go back in time and say anything to my past self, a quiet little girl, full of hope, determination and promise, despite the life challenges she already had endured, I would tell her that it’s true what they say: one person really can make a difference. That if you truly believe in yourself and the gifts you were given, that is the greatest strength a person can have, and I for one can without a doubt proudly admit that the creation, and message of this program, has not only made a difference in the lives of children, but it has changed my life. This program has given ME the strength I needed to discover my birth family, uncover the missing pieces in my life and help me to understand the true meaning of happiness


I hope listening to the above album can help you find your OWN truth, and your own happiness.  After all, "Bee True To You" is a message for all ages, insects AND humans.

Please stay safe, healthy and from the bottom of my heart, Thank you!



                                                        - Thatgirltobi





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Kids Book Read Aloud | "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", by Eric Carle | Story-time Friday's

Kids Book Read Aloud | "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", by Eric Carle | Story-time Friday's

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Buzz Social Podcast! Featuring Mason and Mom Christine!

Buzz Social Podcast! Featuring Mason and Mom Christine!

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"Kill Em With Kindness" | a Selena Gomez (COVER) | #Musicmondays

"Kill Em With Kindness" | a Selena Gomez (COVER) | #Musicmondays

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Titles, Slogans & Must knows.

Character Names

*TOBI - blue haired pop-star teenager

*BTTY THE BEE- Program's DJ Mascot --Half Bee Half Human


* "Take The Sting Out of Bullying"... used when referring to our programs mission

*   Beeyourinnerwarrior ... used when referring to someone's inner strength

*   BTTY's 5 Rocking Rules  ... used when referring to the way to Be Your Truest Self

*   BTTYNATION ... used when referring to a group of people following, helping and practicing our message


" I pledge to follow BTTY the BEE,

and promise to stay true. 

We will take the sting out of bullying,

together me and you."

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