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Bee True To You...

"Bee True To You" is a captivating modern-day fairytale that explores the power of self-love. 


Join THATGIRLTOBI and her loyal companion, BTTY the BEE, as they embark on a transformative journey prompted by an anonymous message about a bullying incident at a nearby school. Their mission: to help a struggling student uncover their ZING! You know… your true uniqueness, that special something we all possess!


As they step foot into the school, brimming with the intention to assist others, they find themselves unexpectedly targeted by the notorious cyberbully, MeowMeow33—their ultimate foe. Will our courageous duo rise to the challenge, overcoming conflict and triumphing over MeowMeow33 once and for all? Can the audience lend their support by spreading the empowering and purposeful pop songs and messages of kindness, respect, and self-love of TOBI and BTTY the BEE?


This captivating 50-minute Pop/Rock Interactive Anti-Bullying and Social Emotional Musical is a delightful experience for audiences of all ages. With new exciting elements continuously added, it guarantees non-stop entertainment. The show's profound impact is most felt when performed for Pre-k to 6th-grade audiences, leaving them inspired to rise above bullying and embrace the power of compassion and self-acceptance.


Ashley Tobias

Producer and Founder


Matthew Hooper

BTTY the Bee

Victoria Espinoza

Stage Manager


Alap Momin

Sound Engineer


When you commit to creating positive change in the classroom, or even workplace, taking direct action against Bullying not only prevents negative and toxic behaviors, but it is the core element to understanding ones truth.


Pledging and creating a school-wide Anti-Bullying initiative   provides students with useful tools and strategies to nurture core emotional skills, strengthen their character, boost their confidence, and create enriching, positive and respectful communities for themselves and their peers. 

These skills, which are taught during a child's adolescent years, enables children to become socially competent citizens. Connecting and staying on top and aware of bullying in your school environment, is the KEY to 'Being True"  to yourself.

That is what founder TOBI has discovered during her visits to schools, from her own personal experiences as an adoptee and THAT is what Bee True To You is all about.

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Artist Statement

To read THATGIRLTOBI'S artist statement, WHY she created the program, and her thoughts and journey living through the global pandemic of Covid-19,

please click below.


To view Ashley Tobias' [THATGIRLTOBI'S] Full Work Resume and performance credentials, please click below.

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