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Looking to book your In-Person and/or Virtual Experience?

Here at Bee True To You,
we offer the following services!

The Quest for the Missing ZING!


For audiences K-8, this story uncovers how to unlock and harness one's "missing ZING". A Zing is your personal superpower, however some need help finding theirs. Help TOBI find hers! 


[ Live with Pre-recorded scenes or a Pre-recorded Musical]

For audiences 14 and up, similar to the stylings of Hamilton, this musical begins with the song writing contest of the year!

Hip-Hop, Spoken Word monologues, & Original Pop Music helps TOBI & BTTY during their greatest emotional challenge yet. 



When TOBI is touring with other artists around the world, she often visits schools in nearby cities to empower and inspire Middle and High School students.  Bring TOBI to a school near you !

ZING! The Movie

[Digital Movie]

Though this Movie's storyline appears to match it's LIVE one, this virtual Movie has ALL the glitz and glam you could ever ask for! 


[In-person & Virtual]

Pre & Post Workshops are a great way to further instill the empowering and inspiring messages and music of our programs. It is also a great hands on way for your students to immerse themselves in the world of Bee True To You. 

Music Production

Who produces the Bee True To You Albums? Why TOBI does, with the help of her production team at

I & W records.. And they can help you produce yours!

Virtually BTTY!

[Virtually Live or Pre-recorded Musical]

A perfectly safe, socially distanced interactive streaming experience.

This storyline focus' on overcoming obstacles and traumas life throws our way, all while singing, dancing, and working together as a team!    

Private or Group

Singing, Acting Yoga for Kids!

Looking to uncover your personal Zing? Whether you have an interest in Voice, Acting, Dance or Yoga, we offer private and group lessons for kids!


[In-person & Virtual]

Have a school break coming up? Is school out for the summer? We offer In-person and/or Virtual Weekly Social & Emotional Residency

Programs, for all age groups.

of 2022

🐝 Jan. 14th  |  Digital Premiere of the Official BTTY Movie | @ Kingsbury Elementary
🐝 Jan. 21st  |  In-School Workshop | @ Kingsbury Elementary
🐝 Jan. 27th 
| 4 LIVE BTTY Shows  |  @ Samuel Mickle School
🐝 Feb. 4th | THATGIRLTOBI Virtual Concert | @ Club for all!

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